Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Are you seeing the trends?

  • Adventurous design and craft: layering of fabrics, textures, accessories; bold and graphic patterns, and lots of pattern mixing.
  • Nature-inspired design: "green" products, colors of sand, sea, sky, trees; natural materials like stone, wood, glass; animal prints
  • Bohemian style: edgy, funky, ethnic mix; handcrafted originals; lots of color and pattern
  • Dramatic style: lots of black and white, mirrors, crystal, shimmer, metallics. Look for unexpected combinations such as leather combined with crystal.
  • Vintage/Nostalgic style: 1940's looks; Hollywood style; pieces with a history
Taken from Real Rooms for Real People, August 27, 2008
Check out design*sponge's mini trends.

And what other trends have you witnessed?
Owls, Russian dolls, robots, hand made typography...?

If you need your own Russian doll decor items, you can find the candles and manicure kits at Plasticland. Also search for "Russian dolls" on Etsy for unique items such as wall vinyl decals. Salt and pepper shakers and sewing kit at Mod Cloth. Russian doll pillow is from John Lewis.

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  1. Yes, Yes, and Yes. That about sums it up!