Monday, March 30, 2009

A rainy day trip to IKEA

When we were first married (over 4 years ago), we were given a walnut table and chair set from the 60's to use in our apartment. Which then traveled with us to another apartment and then our first home. Two years later in our house, we switched kitchen tables to another "freebie" (actually an exchange). The problem with that one is that it only came with 2 chairs. We are a 3 person family now. So I have been casually looking at my options for chairs... picking up odds and ends from Goodwill and painting them all white, picking up a set from Fairly Honest Bills on the cheap, choosing a style from IKEA... (the ROGER chair and the INGOLF chair both caught my attention). When I saw that my favorite chair was 1/2 price, I was sold. Right size. Easy to reupholster. YAY!

I think this is the fabric to add some flair to this chair.

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