Monday, April 6, 2009

functional wall art

Wisteria Chicken Note Holder Frame
I don't know that I'd keep the chicken clips, but this is pretty well priced at $27.30 (it's 30% off). You can add some of these sweet notecards from Plasticland. I like the piano one the best.

Plasticland Little Notes: Musical Notes by Susie Ghahremani
Boxed set of 18 cards, 6 each of 3 designs $14.95


  1. hey what happened to the room design? it looked great!

  2. I felt guilty. Like I wasn't original enough to come up with my own design dilemma to solve. (I go back and forth.) Thanks!

  3. yeah i can understand wanting to be original, but you know they got the idea somewhere as well. it's a start and i'm sure you'll continue to make it more your own every day, just like you seem to do with everything else, it's cool to see the process.

  4. I really enjoyed doing it. Stayed up late tweaking it... I wonder if I can do this kind of thing for home sellers...Kind of different because they wouldn't be buying new pieces, they'd be decluttering and rearranging...

  5. such a cute blog emily...why have I never found it.

    I didn't take a cake decorating class. My mom did, but I don't think I could do it. But I do love that site. It cracks me up!