Thursday, April 23, 2009

plans for the office

My "corner office" is looking quite scattered. The red file drawers have been emptied since the baby started playing in them. The items above the wall shelf were thrown up there to get them off the floor, also because of the baby. The board behind the desk is meant to hide the cords from the baby and the cat. Now I think some actual planning is in order.

I'm thinking a bulletin board will go in the space where the calendar is, behind the monitor. Maybe some smaller framed art pieces under the thermostat, to balance out the space. Probably use my new polka dot fabric (see below) to cover the bulletin board. Need to get the small clutter off the desk and on to the wall. Maybe use fabric or wrapping paper or something to liven up that board hiding the cords. It's just a poster frame, so it should be easy to customize. Better lighting, perhaps? Another shelf? Pretty boxes? We'll see...

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