Friday, April 3, 2009

trip to HomeGoods

The baby has been sick and keeping me from leaving the house on "fun" errands. Doh! But today I snuck out on one of my indulgent errands...HomeGoods AND Cost Plus World Market. Oh yes! Mostly window shopped. I did purchase the Domino Decorating book that has been in my Amazon Shopping Cart for months. I was waiting to see where I could find the book the cheapest. Turns out HomeGoods was the winner. I was hoping to snag it for $15, but $19.99 is still less than Amazon's price with shipping costs. Can't wait to pour through it!


  1. Oooh...have fun! I got mine at HG for $15 in MI. Bummer you couldn't find it for that price! I have a trip to HG on the horizon for the weekend. Maybe I should leave my debit card at home. :)


  2. It never occurred to me to look at HomeGoods until I saw it in your blog posting, Heather. Thanks for the tip! Too bad it wasn't $15 here in Oregon!