Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why matchy matchy falls short

I don't live in a catalog.

I was impressed with Sherry's posting this morning. She was able to explain in easy-to-understand terms how a room can "coordinate" rather than "match." I remember being at the furniture store looking at sofas early in our marriage, trying to explain why I couldn't buy the rug that was displayed under the couch set we were considering. "Yes, it matches, but I don't want my living room to look like a showroom..." Matching = bad. Coordinating = good. Same concept for pillows, people. You don't have to have a matching set. You just need an assortment that goes together! I'm taking this rule to mugs, too. You should only have one-of-a-kinds when it comes to mugs. Hee hee. My cousin Jon has a special mug for each day of the week. Love it.

Go view Sherry's post and bookmark her blog for future reading.

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