Monday, June 15, 2009

Artwork has arrived!

I've got to say, shopping through Etsy is awesome. The sellers were so polite, quick, thorough... they sent little personalized thank you notes, some even illustrated the label onto my mail package. So different from buying an art print from IKEA! LOL.

I picked up a clip frame ($7.99) from IKEA for the Breakfast print. The others are waiting on frames before I can hang them. (The Breakfast print is hanging on the nail from a previous poster. It isn't in its spot yet.)


  1. i'm jealous, those are so fun. i love the grey porcupine (?) and squirrel on together, having tea and cake? can't tell from here. i bet that blue print just pops in your dining area!

  2. So cute. I agree, I love all the little labels and cards I've received from Etsy purchases. It makes things more special!