Monday, August 10, 2009

New at IKEA

Here are some new items at IKEA that are catching my eye:

spice mill: IKEA PS SPRAKA $19.99
I just want to touch it!

pendant lamp: IKEA PS Pendant Lamp $39.99
You can put stuff in it and I like the loopy wire. So delicate looking!

vase: IKEA PS STOCK $24.99
Having little spouts to place your sprigs makes for a nice arrangement.

toilet seat: BOLMAN $4.99
Cheap! And so masculine looking. Nicer than the plastic white option in the same price range.

Decorative stickers: FABLER RESA $9.99
Love this series and now I can add these stickers to my daughter's room decor.

Pendant lamp: BOJA $59.99

Table lamp: BOJA $39.99
Love the texture and shape of this pendant and table lamp. Comes in either color.

Love the multi-color, triangle flag look. Would look cute draped over the rocking chair in my daughter's room.

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