Thursday, September 3, 2009

InterroBANG, puctuation working double duty

An interrobang is a seldom-used, non-standard punctuation mark that combines a question mark and an exclamation point. It was invented in 1962 by Martin K. Speckter, an advertising executive and editor of a magazine called Type Talks, to fill a gap in punctuation (particularly in advertising headlines) in which neither an exclamation point nor a question mark could fully convey the writer's intention. He came up with the interrobang to indicates an exclamatory or rhetorical question, such as "Can you believe that?!"

Found on TypeTalk.

Is it cool again?

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  1. i like it, it looks hard to do write, they better start teaching this in elementary school i just don't have what it takes to learn another symbol, i'm maxed on my symbols ;)