Friday, January 29, 2010

More about window treatments

I'm still researching curtains and window treatments. I picked one of my favorite bloggers to study. I love Nicole's curtains in her house and I love that she labors over her curtain decisions. Below are images from her home and what I love about the choices she made.

A soft color and delicate pattern brings a sweet, feminine feel to this room. Perfect for a sophisticated nursery. (What? No Disney wall borders?)

Using a double rod, sheers and curtain panels are paired together. The rods start at the ceiling, which visually elongates the wall. The panels pool slightly on the wood floors, so there's no high water effect. The two fabrics complement each other by using similar natural material. The outer panel is treated with special attention using nail head trim and a tieback.

Here a panel is paired with fabric roman shades. Alternative: Instead of having two separate shades, one wide shade, attached outside the window frame at the height of the curtain rods. The shade would need to be lined, so you couldn't see where the wall ended and the window began. It would create an expansive, more dramatic effect.

I love this pairing because it blends a heavy drape with a patterned sheer. Not easy to do. The large pattern works here. I'm trying to duplicate this look for the house I'm advising on. Unfortunately the period of the house doesn't lend itself to this treatment. The windows are short and wide sliders (think 1950's ranch). Still working it out. Thinking blinds are really the answer in my case.

Love this fabric shade. Makes such a beautiful focal point in the kitchen where fabrics are typically towels. I am a huge fan of this look and even made my own fabric shades for my kitchen. Thankfully I had enough foresight to line my shades. When the sun streams through, you only want a transparency effect for sheers. All other fabrics look best when lined. It puts less emphasis on the hems and window behind it.

Inspiration and images from Making it Lovely

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