Sunday, January 10, 2010

more fun with downloadable templates

These are the latest drafts for If you like them, you could be downloading them into your own Word Application in a matter of days/weeks.

First we have the layered flowers with the trendy yellow and gray color theme and a butterfly to top it off.

Then we have the ever so lovely modern medallion pattern and bracket design. I love the color combination. I am in love with these pieces. It looks so fresh despite the restrictions I have, designing for Word.


  1. I am partial to the medallion pattern, but both are lovely. What do you mean by "designing for Word"? Can I make things like this using Microsoft Word or are you talking about something entirely different?

  2. I create the design as an image inserted into Word and then the typed portion is text boxes layered on top (the fonts have to be universal, pre-installed on all computers).

    That way the end user can download a Word file, tweak the text and print out their own copies.