Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Change is in the air!

Lots of big news. I have a couple of wedding stationery designs launching on Wedding Paper Divas in a few weeks (two of which are my designs). I'll let you know when I spot them online so you can LIKE them on FaceBook. :)

Also, I am absolutely loving Holly Becker's e-course Blogging Your Way! (I highly recommend it to my blogging friends!) It's got me thinking...

Finding Flair has been a great place for me to express the lovely finds I come across both online and away from my desk. In a way it's an online catalog or journal of what I'm loving and what inspires me at any given time. But I've decided to make it something even more special. I've already got a Pinterest account for images that I like. It's time to start creating with my hands.

My current interest is photo styling. Leslie Shewring of A Creative Mint has been co-teaching the blogging course and totally flooring me with her color stories. I love photographs that have been styled beautifully. (See more examples of styling here.) As I continue on in my stationery/paper good design path I am finding I need a couple of things: I need to be inspired by color and mood boards and I need to photograph my work to show it off properly. So I am going to start experimenting with creating my own color palettes and mood boards and capturing these with a camera to share on my blog. Stay tuned.

IMAGE: Taken by Emily Crawford for the Blogging Your Way e-course


  1. Oh my gosh - congratulations on your invites launching on Wedding Paper divas. I got my engagement party invites from there and think they have some of the best non-bespoke designs out there!
    I found you through BYW (I loved the Llama calendar in your mood board!)

  2. Here is a link to show the whole slide calendar: