Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wood type font from 18th & 19th century
"When wood type became the technology of choice for posters advertising shows and trade fairs in the nineteenth century, specialized manufacturers cooked up some really weird and picturesque letterforms. But besides those wicked fat face, egyptian and ornamented letters, printers always liked to keep some normal-looking narrow sans serifs ready for those lines of text that simply had to be there without making a spectacle of themselves. That is the kind of wood type that HVD’s Cheap Pine is inspired by. The font contains arrows, hands, stars and other special glyphs available through the OpenType ligatures feature. You can use Cheap Pine Sans & Cheap Pine Shadow in separate layers to create colored shadows." (from MyFonts rising stars)

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  1. I love my MyFonts rising star emails! They make me want to spend money on fonts instead of shoes.