Monday, March 30, 2009

at home with e

This post is in honor of my new blog buddy in Michigan,
At home with H

before pic
This pic takes humility to post. Not the most attractive picture of me. In my defense, this was right after the baby was born. On a different note, I did enjoy that doormat from Home Depot. I think it was $9.99. It was very colorful in its prime. And the stove? We were redoing the kitchen floors. We don't usually cook on the front porch.

after pic
Behind that brown screen door is my navy front door. The siding is a cool grayish green. We just brought out that bench from the backyard and really love it in its new spot. See my spring wreath in place, where the red berry version once was.

Here is my doormat I picked up at Walmart last week. I think it was $12.99. I don't see it online or I'd link to it. Now I just need some colorful plants by the door. Daffodils, maybe.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! Your front entry is very welcoming! I can't wait to give mine a makeover (once it actually warms up in MI!).