Monday, March 16, 2009

Room for Improvement: Books and Magazines

Books can be stacked horizontally. When stacked horizontally, they can be used as a base for interesting objects such as a small picture or a candle or a vase (see side table with hydrangea). These bookshelves are pretty spacious, which allows the eye to appreciate the variety of decorative pieces throughout.

Books can be arranged by color. The alternating color and direction of the books (some vertical and some in horizontal stacks) keeps the eye moving. The pieces of pottery and sculpture are weighty enough to be used as bookends and also large enough to be noticed. They follow the same color scheme as the books, which reduces the cluttered look.

Books can be used as decorative elements. The stacks of books are at different heights, which keeps the eye moving and interested. Top the books with sculptural pieces like candlesticks, coral or ceramic animals. If a book doesn't match your color scheme, you can cover it with decorative paper.

Images borrowed from Domino Magazine website.

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