Monday, March 16, 2009

Fixing bare walls.

After two years of living in our first home, we still have areas with bare wall space. So, husband put me to the task of looking for ways to fix this. I started searching Etsy for interesting pieces and here are some I have found...

Etsy > misnopalesart $10

Etsy > slidesideways $28

Etsy > standard design $18

Etsy > shorthanded $25 (does not include mat or frame)

Etsy > JohnWGolden $51 (set of 8, there are more)

Also John W Golden. Check out his site for more woodland critters, pooch or cat prints!

8 x 10 $18 Ginger Tabby print

I think I'll have to buy them all and create an art collage because I cannot choose!

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