Monday, April 27, 2009

Room for Improvement: Pillows and Throws

A while back I posted about an article called "Room for Improvement" in my ShopSmart Magazine. In this article were ways to decorate using what you already own or adding inexpensive items in a purposeful way.

Here are some inspirational ways to design with pillows and throws.

In this example, the throw adds a punch of the red, tying in the other red accents in the room to the chaise and helping break up it's brownness. I like how the non-matching pieces of furniture relate to each other because of the pillows.

Because of the neutral walls, window treatments and furniture, pops of color in the pillows and throws take the stage. I love the blue throw with pom-pom fringe.

I like the trio of pillows with geometric shapes. Would be so boring if they were all the same color. I want to duplicate this in my living room. This image represents my style!

Love this image, too. Again with the trio of pillows that are alike except for color. Again, a pop of turquoise is the object of my love. I will not say that I am "swooning" because I see that a lot on blogs and it doesn't agree with me.

Now this is pretty tame, but quite lovely. I think these are baluster pillows, yes? The long round ones? I like these for their shape. It's a very tailored look, I think. And not as fussy as a ton of throw pillows.

Love the combination of one textured, patterned pillow to complement an eye-catching, unique one. And of courses I love the yellow and gray/black combo. (Also a big fan of the window treatments, all bunched up at the top of the window.)

Love it. They go together but they don't match. The pops of color may not "match" anything in the room. Another room that showcases my style, if I were to be more fancy (see that lamp).

I like this example because it is toned down compared to the others. These pillows aren't bright with strong geometric patterns or colors. These are softer, more shabby chic? Still works and no ruffles (ha ha).

And I love this. Love the patterned pillows. Totally my colors. In this version two of the pillows match, but you can see how that third green pillow is expertly coordinated to those floral, paisley ones behind it. Also loving the curtains. You can barely see them here, but look at the length. I typically hang curtains to the floor, but here it looks great window length.

Sorry, I accumulated these image at random and do not have their sources to post. Mostly I get my room inspirations from Design*Sponge and decor8.


  1. I like the room with the bolster pillows and the second from the top with the pretty yellow rug. Actually, I *really* love the yellow rug.

  2. I like the yellow rug, too. I also like the orange rug under the yellow bed. It looks like the same rug as the one used in Sherry and John's living room in the DIY Magazine photoshoot. But there's was yellow instead of orange. I'll post a photo of it.