Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Can't wait

I ordered MUCH NEEDED business cards today. But they aren't your typical business card. They are MiniCards from Moo.com. My friend Sara, a budding photographer in Salem introduced me to them over the weekend. She customized them with her photos. I ended up picking an illustrated package. See the design options here. I really love Aspa Gika, Daphne Louter, Frieda Bird and Studio Mela. I chose Daphne Louter this time.

Here is a sampling of their mini cards:
Studio Mela:

Frieda Bird:

Daphne Louter:

Aspa Gika:

Sara took this photo of us on Monday. Wow, she made me look good! Thanks Sara! I'll get cracking on that logo for you!!! Click on my portfolio link to watch the progress.


  1. Ok, this is super awesome...I'm loving. Thanks for keeping me up to date on the cool stuff in this world!- stacy

  2. very sweet picture of you two girls, i bet mat is loving it! and those business cards...way cool.

  3. That Sadie sure has an adorable smile also.