Tuesday, June 30, 2009

inspirational spaces

Love the wood walls, the chairs and especially the window treatments. The toys are a little "overly staged" for my taste. Plus I like this room as an adult space. Coffee and a magazine? By the way, Glamour does not replace Domino! Nice try, magazine people. Thanks for the free Glamour magazine, but no, I do not wish to keep that subscription. A magazine that reeks of perfume is not likely a good match for me.

I love the warmth of this room. It looks lived in. A "gathered over time" look that feels purposeful and cozy.

I love the statement these drapes make. It pairs nicely with that chest of drawers. Not my style, but I love it.

I love the bedspreads and pillows here. So cute! I could imagine this in a vacation home. Not mine, but one that I might rent out for a weekend some day. Ha ha. So simple! Everything is pretty neutral except for that sassy bedding. Is that round table wood? I would paint it black. It kind of looks like metal. Hmmm. Don' t like it shiny.

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