Friday, June 26, 2009

Lovely Curtain Treatments

Here is my possible solution to Nicole's curtain dilemma. Nicole from Making it Lovely was looking for opinions on her window treatments. Option #1 are her original choice. Option #2 are the curtains from her studio that was suggested by a reader. She is looking for a third option in perhaps a brown and white geometric.
option #1 - original

option #2 - from her studio

from Pier 1: Magdalene Window Panel – Green

from Pier 1: Floral Window Panel – Sand

Or make your own drapes with this fabric: Bryant Park by Wilmington, Dandelion Toss - Brown by Melissa Saylor


Blends with existing wall color. Simple floral graphic is nice contrast to striped wall and black and white elements.

Nice bold graphic but adds a new color to the space. Would need a few accessories to tie the new red color to the space. A pillow or vase or throw...

Make your own curtains with this brown, black and cream graphic floral pattern.

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  1. FUN! I like that first mock-up. Thanks for putting these together!