Friday, July 10, 2009

typography inspiration

design is mine: isn't it lovely? blogged about being smitten with Cynthia Warren, a designer, illustrator and calligrapher. As a graphic designer intrigued by typography, I too became smitten. (In fact, I was just at an InDesign User Group where guest speaker Thomas Phinney gave a rant about selecting and setting type. He is the creator of Hypatia Sans Pro.) Here is a small sampling from her online portfolio:

You can kind of see how some of my portfolio work relates—lots of textured paper backgrounds and use of historic looking type.

And my typography assignment from college that I continued to finesse long after so I could show it in my portfolio:

With the features of OpenType these days, the "old time" glyphs/characters aren't that hard to achieve. If you love typography, I highly recommend looking into OpenType used in InDesign!

And lastly, check out this hand lettering work (and more) I spotted on Design Muse.

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