Thursday, July 9, 2009


My fears are relieved! No typos. I love my new minicards!!! Moo has a very casual, friendly voice. Their messaging is conversational and fun-loving with labels that say "Yay!" and "You're our new best friend." How can you not love that? If you are interested in buying your own set of cards, I have discount codes I can give you from 15 to 20% off. Just leave a comment.

These little cards are really durable, even plastic-like. I ordered the key ring minicard holder, too, so I could always have a few in my purse and look really cool whipping out my holder and sliding out a minicard. A little conversation piece that makes me seem hip. HAHA!

Here is the original post about the minicards, including links to the site.


  1. so are your cards various images on each one or a set of different ones? if so or if not, i want a copy of each to give to people and to decorate my house!

  2. There are a variety of back images. I'm not even sure how many. I just fan out a handful and let people pick the one they like the most. People really enjoy that aspect. It's like trading cards! Check out their website!